Tribute to Donat Boulerice


There are people who cross our path who make a difference. Mr. Donat Boulerice was one of them.

As a Director on the Board of Directors of Hydro 2000 Inc., Mr. Boulerice demonstrated an impressive analytical ability. His in-depth knowledge of the business world was an important contribution to the Board of Directors and to the management of the company.

Mr. Donat Boulerice took the time to listen with empathy to his interlocutors. This quality is becoming increasingly rare, but he had developed it. He devoted his attention to his subject. When you met with him, he knew how to make you feel important.

Mr. Donat Boulerice has served selflessly upon several organizations. The well-being of the organizations to which he assisted was his sole interest.  His only gain was acquiring new knowledge and perceptions which differed from his own.

I do not know all the legacy that Mr. Donat Boulerice left while here.  However, I can assure you that the team at Hydro 2000 Inc. will miss him greatly.

We look forward to seeing you again!