Overhead Wires

It is important to stay safe around overhead power lines, as well as around all other electrical distribution system equipment. In order to stay safe, stay educated about the dangers related to overhead power lines. All power lines are dangerous and could deliver a serious or fatal shock to anyone who gets too close.

To ensure your safety, always remain at a safe distance from power lines.

The minimum safe distance from overhead power lines varies depending on a line’s voltage:

Minimum safe distance from power lines
Power line voltage           Distance in metres
Lower than 750 volts      1.0 (3 ft.)
750 – 150, 000                   3.0 (10 ft.)
150, 001 – 250, 000         4.5 (15 ft.)
250,001 and higher         6.0 (20 ft.)

These minimum safe distances apply not only to people, but also to tools, trees and toys. If you are working with tools, such as ladders or tree clippers, keep them a safe distance from overhead power lines. Similarly, ensure that children do not play with aerial toys, such as kites, near overhead power lines.

To ensure your safety, familiarize yourself with the location and voltage of the power lines around your home.