About Hydro 2000

About Hydro 2000 Inc

Hydro 2000 Inc is a local distribution company (LDC) whose sole shareholder is the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet. Incorporated in 2000 we became a commercial entity supported by our Township. A board of directors is appointed by the Township to oversee and vote on all decisions.
Hydro 2000

As a public regulated service, our local distribution costs (delivery charges) are provided by the Ontario Energy Board. We distribute electricity to nearly 1270 clients and we employ 3 employees.

HYDRO 2000 Inc. strives to be the best possible Electrical Distribution Company, providing the reliable, safe, efficient supply of electricity, as a profitable company, while ensuring local accountability and dependable service, in accordance with OEB codes and the laws of the Province of Ontario.

To ensure the safe, dependable, and environmentally friendly supply of electricity in our service area, while providing policies and goals to ensure profitability and accountability to the shareholder.

To be a responsible corporate leader in the community, respected for a strong work ethic and commitment to quality services.