Top 10 Energy saving ideas

Did you know that saving energy not only saves money but an also increase your homes comfort and extend the lifetime of your appliances?

Here are ten easy ways to save energy in your home.

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1. Dirty Dishes Be Gone!

Make sure your dishwasher is full and have it run after 7 p.m. when off-peak prices begin. Watch the savings add up.

2. Save Your Clothes and Wallet

Go one step further and run cold-water washes during off-peak hours to save energy, while also preserving the colours in your clothing.

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3. Drying to Save

Clothes dryers use a lot of energy. Wait until the evening or weekend and you’ll pay less. In the summer, consider using an outdoor clothesline.

4. Keeping Cool

During the summer, consider setting your air conditioner a few degrees higher than you normally would. We suggest 25°C when at home and 28°C when away. Making wise use of your air conditioner will help save money on your energy bill.

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5. Staying Warm

In the winter, turn the heat down a couple of degrees when you're not home to reduce the cost of operating the furnace fan. We suggest 18 °C.

6. Breathe a Little

The buildup of dust requires the fan to work harder to push air through. Replacing your furnace filter every three months improves both air quality and energy efficiency.

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7. Provide Some Shade

Without blocking airflow, plant trees or shrubs around your air conditioning unit. A shaded unit uses up to 10% less electricity than it would in the sun.

8. Cleaning Your Fridge

Carefully cleaning the condenser coils will ensure your refrigerator performs efficiently. Make sure to disconnect the power to the fridge first!

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9. Get that Pool Ready!

If you have a pool, run your pump and heater during off-peak hours. You may only need to run your pump for six to eight hours a day.

10. Unplug and Save

Turn off or unplug any appliance or light that’s not needed. Why pay for electricity that you’re not using?

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