My Bill

My Bill Template
1 If you are the person receiving the invoice, your name and mailing information will be listed here.

2 Your account number will be required to enable you to make payment via your online banking solutions

3 Your bill needs to be paid by the date mentioned here.

4 The box represents the total amount due on your account.

5 Your account service address is listed here. This address can differ from your mailing address.

6 In this section you will find the plan associate to your account.

a. Do not Pay if Pre-Authorized payment: Indicates that you are on a Pre-Authorized payment plan, which automatically debits the amount shown on your statement from your bank.

b. Budget Plan if Equal payments: Indicates that you have made arrangements to pay a fixed monthly amount based on your previous usage. This amount is subject to updates from time to time if there is any significant change in your energy usage pattern. If you have any questions or require more information about the Equal Billing Plan, please contact our customer service at (613) 679-4093 from 8a.m. to 5p.m., Monday through Friday or email us at

7Your Electric Meter number, billing period, current and previous reads as well as your usage can all be found in this section.

8 Your billing summary displays payment information including any billing adjustments, past due amounts, and charges for the current billing period.

9 Electricity Charges are the total amount you are being charges and owe for your electricity use, other charges and taxes. Definitions for electricity charges are found on the back of the bill.

If you have doubts about the precision of your meter, click on the link below.

Electricity and gas meters